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Southeast Georgia Communities Project

Up Coming Events

Wh​ats Happening at SEGA? 

Like us on Facebook: Southeast Georgia Communities Project, Inc.

for updates/ changes due to COVID-19

SEGCP lobby is closed to public, but curbside distribution onsite is scheduled from Monday thru Wednesday from 9 am to 11:45 AM only,  until further notice.

Call 912-526-5451 / Get registered / pick up your food @ curbside.  

Huge YARD SALE TO BENEFIT SEGCP needy patients. Please come and support the cause. Clothing .25 to 1:00, shoes and other misc. items priced to sale cheap cheap chea!  April 15th, 2023  8am to 1 pm.... Come one, come all! 

CORE of Waycross will be offering Covid-19 Vaccinations and Boosters on April 15, 2023 from 9:30 to 1:30 pm.  ​

300 S. State Street Lyons, Georgia  $50.00 Gift Cards will be provided to all who get vaccinated. 35 Spots  Available! 

Windshield Tour for GSU /MCG Students scheduled for March 25th, 2023

This tour allows SEGCP to share important information about farmworkers and the growing H2A population. 

Our tour allows future health professionals to understand farmworker lifestyles and allows them to be better prepared 

to serve a diverse community where they live and work. 

(Sponsored by Magnolia Coastlands Area Health Education Centers) 

Thanks to all the volunteers who help keep this organization afloat. Thanks to the Sponsors: St. Maryas on the Hill, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Toombs Montgomery and Wheeler Counties United Way, Altamaha EMC, DOT Foods, Magnolia Coastlands AHEC, Share Health, & Local Donar's  

"Success requires work" 

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Danos Like en Facebook: 

Southeast Georgia Communities Project, Inc. 

Para cambios sobre Covid-19 

Mucho Mas! 

Gran regalia de ropa el 3 de Diciembre de 8am a 12pm. Vengan a escojer ropa buena enviada a nosotros por Servicios Catolicos de Augusta. 

Dispensa en la oficina del Proyecto TEMA de Lunes a Miercoles  9am a 12 pm

Llame al 912-526-5451 para registrarse y le traemos su dispensa a su carro. 

Octubre 29, Fondos Comunitarios Hispanos y CORE Waycross  estara ofreciendo la vacuna de Covid-19 y refuerzo aqui en el Proyecto TEMA de 

10am a 3pm, Tarjetas monitarias de $100.00 se regalaran para todos vacunados.  

Gracias a todos los voluntarios que nos ayudan con nuestra causa. Sin su apoyo no

podieramos lograr nuestras metas. 

Vacunese contra el Covid-19. No pongas tu vida en riesgo, o la de tu familia. La vacuna no tiene el virus,

es una medicina preparada para luchar contra el virus del Covid -19. 

SEGCP is now providing transportation to:

  • USCIS in Jacksonville,
  • Charleston, SC,
  • Atlanta USCIS,
  • Consulates
  • Medical facilities in the Southeast
  • Aeropuertos de Atlanta, y Jacksonville, Florida